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Infinite Livez returns to the mic with a vengeance on LOLIVEZ  "LOST @ C", a collaboration with instrumentalist Alberto Malo. Through all of this, Infinite brings a piercing mix of playful hooks and punchlines delivered with jagged cockney verbosity shifting into ethereal otherworldly soul, island paradise patois and revolutionary political critique interwoven with potent esoteric pop culture references; Jackson Pollack, Zardoz, the Wizard of OZ, even MJ's illusive Man in the Mirror makes an appearance — all standing in as symbolic icons for the malign forces shaping and controlling our world today. Alberto’s production is a slick, bouncy, layered myriad of synth heavy funk bringing to mind a toxic mash up of Yello meets Tackhead meets the Gap Band. A refreshing blend of carefully crafted maximalism, executed with enough pop sensibility to sound radio friendly without giving up on integrity. All the more surprising considering Alberto’s regular stint as a drummer working with more mainstream acts. In all his production makes for a perfect compliment to Infinite’s unmatched lyrical savvy. Though this is an ep full of acme elasticity and vivid surrealism, we've come a long way since the sexy little ponies and double D chimpanzees of Bush Meat (2004). These guys don’t simply think outside the box, they pick it up, rearrange the components and unfold what was once contained space into an oscillating mutant landscape under a vast sea of drooling crystalline stars — so if you're ready to set sail, hop aboard with LOLIVEZ and go get "LOST @ C".

Press release by
Tex Royale

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