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A music’s servant


Sophie Hunger,  Mélanie De Biasio, Erik Truffaz, Jacques Higelin, Grégoire Maret, Hindi Zahra, Tricky, James Blood Ulmer, Principles of Geometry, Tété…

Prolific and sensitive drummer Alberto Malo handles his drumsticks with the same care and nuances as a painter would mix his array of colours on a canvas. His career exudes a multifaceted talent and a healthy eagerness for new challenges.

Posted behind his drum kit since he was a kid, Alberto perfected his musical education in Hollywood, CA. His US venture included a two-year tour with rock band Skin.


Back in Europe, Alberto embarked on a streak of collaborations with leading figures of the emerging new wave of jazz musicians in his native place. A recording and tour with French artist Tété put Alberto on the radar of major acts in France and Europe (Malia, Mocky, Polar, Rodolphe Burger).

Eventually he joined French musical legend Jacques Higelin for two albums and an extensive tour. Meanwhile, Alberto started a close cooperation with rising indie Swiss star Sophie Hunger, whose very personal mix of styles and intimate lyrics gained attention and praise throughout Europe. Numerous tours and three albums followed, where Alberto not only acted as the rhythm backbone, but also contributed as a composer and arranger.

Still engaged in numerous projects, Alberto Malo has been touring recently with singer Melanie De Biasio and recently released a personal project called “Lolivez” with Infinite Livez). Comparing himself with a goalkeeper, Alberto Malo explains: “I am at the service of music”.

Thierry Meyer

Alberto Malo

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